Sunday, May 1, 2016

4 Free Apps To Learn Yoga At Home

In today's fast-pace world where everyone is busy in running behind their needs in hectic routine results in the negligence of  health,whether is it mental or physical health,because if any one of this health get affected it will affect our productivity which will lead to more problems, so what is the solution to this? this thought would have started roaming in your mind.
 But today we have an impactful and ancient answer which not only gives us mental health but also physical in the form of Yoga- a technique which make us aware about the real way of  living life.

Yoga is a way  which has been a part of  india and the heroes which made country can't conquer anything in the world until you conquer your yourself   for this you will have to connect your mind with your soul and there is no betterand effective technique than  yoga to acheive this state of mind.history of yoga has proved it's usefulness by helping so many people to bring their lost lives again on track,which  derailed due to improper live styles,but today some people even after knowing this gives us excuse of not getting time to do yoga,because of which they couldn't enroll in yoga classes.

Are you also in same dilemma what to do then?No,problem  don't worry as today.  All of us are living in digital age where everything is available on online platform where we can learn yoga through such online platforms easily and according to our convenience at home. 
  Let us know about such platforms. iOS)(Free/$3.99) is one of the world's favourite and the most advance mobile yoga studio to date which  is enjoyed by over 7,000,000 fans worldwide.

  • is one of  the beautiful and simple app which can easily use by beginers also.It consists of 289 HD yoga poses along with breathing exercises also you can understand each exercise easily through HD videos,this unique quality make one of the largest database of yoga poses.You can search  for different poses by your skill,fitness level or by type.
  • It is suitable for all levels whether are you a beginner,intermediate and advanced yoga learners.
  • It also has 4 soothing breathing exercises to aid relaxation and meditations
  • It shows Hd video demonstration for all poses, app also shows muscle images for every pose.

2:Breathe well (Android & iOS,Free)

  • In today's fast  pace life it becomes very important to balance your life and work,In  order to do this we require state of mind  to relieve your stress,Breathing is mind so to make this task easy Breathe well is one of such app  which will help you.
  • Breathe long app presents a three phase guides to deep breathing based on the principles of meditation
  • Merging the power of your breath with technology,breathe long is an easy way of improving health and reducing stress

This app uses music and visuals to guide you to slower deeper breathing ,breathe long enhances the way you feel and leaves you with more energy ,stamina  and focus.

3:Daily yoga(Android &iOS,Free)
Daily yoga is one of the best app coaching app which is suitable or any level person whether is it  beginner  or has some knowledge of yoga.
This app consists of 50 HD yoga classic exercises and 400 yoga poses are shown in beautiful Hd video, live voice guide with soothing yoga music which is very interesting experience  for yoga learners.

4:Office Yoga To DE-Stress

Due to work pressure most of the people don't get the time to do yoga at home because they spend their maximum time in office so in such situation  they often neglect  their health  which eventually affects their  productivity.
Office yoga To DE-Stress is one such app which consist of postures which you can easily do in office in breaks.
You can do these postures whether you are at your desk,at  your office machines or any other place in your office this app poses will help you in de-stressing and relaxing completely.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

6 Amazing Mouthwatering Indian Street Foods

India and it's different food versions are always an interesting subject for explorers.Every Indian city has its own specialty of delicious food items,India is very famous for it's cheap and mouthwatering streetfoods.Here is a list of  5 such popular food items.

  • PaaniPuri-

Whether is it Golgappe,panni puri or puchkka,whatever the name be,It is a popular street food snack which is known by different names in different parts of India,but the one thing is unique about panipuri is it's mouthwatering taste which will make you a fan of this dish.Puri is a round hollow fried crisp puri that is stuffed with a mixture of chickpeas,spiced mashed potato served with a tangy water made of  is very popular street food to lose the heat, especially in summers.

Dabeli is one of the popular snacks of the Gujrat.Dabeli is a dish which consists of Indian bread bun (pav)which is stuffed with extra-spicy potatoes served with spicy sauces,after filling the mixture pomegranate is added on the top to enhance the flavor.It is dabeli mind blowing taste only which made this street food popular in other parts of India.


When you are on a trip in Mumbai and want to explore the popular street food,then there is no better thing than vada pav to start with,a street food which you will find in every street,corner of Mumbai,Indian bread bun(pav) stuffed with spicy fried mashed potato between the bread bun and served with fried chillies,spicy and sweet chutneys.Mumbai is a city which never stops the only moment when you will feel people get stopped while they are enjoying this delicious street food.

Masala dosa is one of the popular street food from the south India.Dosa is the sout rice dough which served with a filling spiced potato inside,the coconut chutney and steaming hot sambar combination make this dish special and unforgettable for your taste buds.

Idli is the most popular street food.Idli is a round soft food made up of rice and urad  dal ,idli served with sambar and chutneys,it is usually eaten for breakfast,Idli's delicious taste is enough to salivate your taste bud and will make you realize why idli is so popular Indian Street food.


 Whether to call this popular street food Kachori,Kachodi or Kachauri its name will not change your opinion, it's amazing taste will remind you of shakespeare's famousquote"What's in a name".
Kachori is a crunchy flattened ball made of fine flour it is stuffed with potatoes,lentils or peas --inside.It is served with curd and chutneys which makes this street food more delicious.
It is very popular street food in North India especially in Uttar Pradesh and West bengal.                                                                        

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is Prashant Kishor The Most Popular Figure Now?

                                Prashant Kishor- "Digital chanakya of modern politics"
Let us know about the person who became a digital chanakya of modern Indian politics and why i am saying "digital chankya" to know this first you will have to know the" Prashant Kishor and his story.Prashant kishor is the same person  who changed the winds of Indian politics in 2014,who changed the ways of promotion in traditional politics,whether is it promote Bjp on social media in the form of twitter or any other platform on social media.
prashant kishor is the brain behind campaigns like "chai pe charcha" which became quite during 2014 lok sabha elections,not only Prashant had brought the advance techniques like 3D-hologram rallies.

          His mother is from Balia in eastern up and his father from Bihar.
" Abki bar modi sarkar" or "har har modi ghar ghar modi "who can forget these slogans which were in the mouth of every person during 2014 elections but the man behind these slogans is prashant kishor,it was the amazing talent of prashant and his team only because of which PM Modi became a brand in 2014 elections,
Prashant kishor was working as a health worker in united nations, then he quit his job in 2014 to bring changes in political governance model,he got quite opposed for this decision by his family, first time  he came in contact with Narendra modi in 2012 elections where he did amazing work as a  result of which Narendra Modi gave prashant the responsibility to handle election strategies and from online promotion to the working on the ground level,He  used to live chief minister's residence when he was with Narendra Modi in Gujarat. and then prashant again association with Narendra Modi did magic then what happened rest is the history but in 2014 end he quite his association with Bjp due to some personal reasons.

                                                                                                          In 2015 he  associated with Nitish kumar to handle his election campaign strategy from online campaign to working on booth level,this was the result the result of his strategy only that Nitish kumar and lalu prasad yadav who were not so active on social media in 2014 elections became quite active on social media whether is it twitter or online janta darbar,or famous dubsmash video of lalu prasad yadav  during Bihar elections. 
Prashant kishor has also started campaigns "har ghar dastak to reach  to maximum people or campaigns like nasta pe charcha or parcha pe charcha
and he was aware of  that the most people  in bihar get influenced by songs,movies,he promoted Nitish through  song" “Bihar mein bahar ho, phir se Nitish  kumar ho which became very popular in the bihar election,
"History repeats itself" this proverb completely defines prashant kishor work,where he created history in 2014 elections and again in  Bihar elections.

Prashant success on global platform:International assignments have also started pouring in. In Tanzania, where elections just got over, the Kishor-founded Indian People’s Action Committee (IPAC) provided consultancy services to the wining Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Party.
It is the result of prashant's success only that he is now associated with congress for 2017 Up elections,where he will be having responsibility to revive congress party from past failures.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sabji do App - A Digital Way To Help Farmers

Sabji do -app which is developed by Agra based software engineer is not only proving helpful to customers but also to farmers,he built the online platform  to sell vegetables ,So Any person who might be reading this article will think"what is new in this" there are already applications like in various cities but why i have mentioned about this app because in this business they directly purchase vegetables from the farmers earlier where farmers used to get very less prices the vegetables which they were selling in the market to the middleman people but the same vegetables were getting sold at high prices the reason behind  this the middle chain who take the large commission in this whole process but in this  whole process  both farmers and consumers are suffering  from loss but this platform addressed this issue they not only buy vegetable from the farmers  but also give them the fare rate for their production and an opportunity to improve their lives  lets know the story which lead to invention of  this app
"Making it the 22-year-old right Bhardwaj got its inspiration from a friend. He says, "One day I came to my farmer friend's farm. There were potatoes. I asked how many rupees a kilo of potatoes to sell. He responded three Rs. "

Were surprised to hear the answer to your friend right. That day in the market price of potatoes was Rs 20. Nearly seven times. Right from his friends understood the math. Then he realized that  how the market are occupied.

sabji do- app founder who was preparing for his civil services when he realised the problem of farmers then he decided to built this app, he built this app in one month because of the app the people of agra is not only getting good vegetables at cheap rates but also good quality vegetables, they also provide the option of returning vegetables if you are not satisfied with the quality of vegetables,besides you get free delivery of vegetables to your home.and by keeping that most people who do not have that much Information technology knowledge he kept very simple to place the order on this app.

                           the most important advantages of this app they update the prices of vegetables in every three days so farmers can get fare rate according to the market and also provide vegetables at big retail market prices so because of which customer get vegetables cheaper besides this app they are also generating employment where many people are calling adhikar and telling him they will work as a delivery boy to deliver the vegetable according to farmers who is a part of this business that the vegetables which earlier used to get damaged doesn't get damaged.because  they produce the vegetables according to demand by customers and   vegetables directly taken by sabji- do people from their farms to the customers
 this service is currently operating in Agra only but to huge demand they are planning to extend this service to other places also.this images completely defines what Sabji do- is all about

Monday, August 3, 2015

Pay-Per-click Programmes

when you will be reading the title it may seem very weird to you that earning money through clicks "but how"this question will come in your mind answer is simple, In today's time when we see there is a huge competition in the market so it becomes very important for companies to make their internet presence strong"As a result of which they offer such programmes in which we can through clicks ,there are several programmes and one of the best programmes you can see in the ad below this post so "click and earn"

Saturday, August 1, 2015

11 Best Apps that made life easy

  •  Looking for a plumber,electricians:When we have a problem like a leakage,Wiring or when we have to make furniture we remind three most important people like plumber,electrician or carpenter in the past or even today when we have to find these people either we contact our friends or contact agencies to contact them which is very time consuming most important question comes in our mind “when they will come” but today online services aggreator like housejoy,taskbob or doormint not only has solved this problem, but they  send you a certified handyman in lesser time which also let you pick some one who speaks the same language you do.
  • ONE CLICK WHICH MAKES THE TRICK”:In today’s time transportation has become a huge problem especially when you don’t have your own vehicle “then only the option remains to depend on public transport like buses or other private vehicles like rickshaw or taxis,but when we have to  wait for buses for longer time especially when we have to reach office in time or to stand in ling queues to get taxis or rickshaw,this is very time consuming but online services like “ola cabs” which has proved a game changer in this problem,where you can just click and  get cab for your service at proper  fares,where we have drivers information on your mobile , these services also saves us heated arguments that we usually we have with the drivers regarding more fares.
  • GET THE HOUSE ONLINE:Any person when he moves from his own city to a new place the first thought which comes in his mind “where will he stay.what will be the rent,so many other questions comes in a queue which make our brain website with heavy load which is going to be crash any second”it is like a website with heavy discount which gets crash due to heavy load but today services like housing .com has changed the scenario which not provides flats information with rent,but also the different views of the house,your partners information whether is it professional or a student,second most important that we face is of brokers when we are looking for a house sometimes we have to give a huge commision to brokers or sometimes one month rent but the online services like No has solved this problem up to some extent which directly connected owner and the people looking for a house.which is helping people to save their hard earned money….
  • Setting up a new office then this is for you…
“In the past if we have to purchase accessories for new office,it was a big problem because we had to find out different stores for each of the accessories which was very time consuming and inconvenient but today online portals like has solved this problem from “where you can get all the accessories for our office  at one place”.
Buy vegetables online:today online services like whee you can buy vegetables by sitting at home ,this service is currently operating in delhi.
  • APPS REVOLUTION:Like in human we use  the term Evolution” similarly in the online world evolution came in the form of applications(app),where  you just have to download app once and you can use that app anywhere ,anytime
  1. Few years before if we use to get hungry we use to visit hundred of websites to check which offers home delivery or to find out their menus,but today app’s like food panda where you can  check resturants their menus, prices and order and also track down the order which is very time saving
  • ” Just look at some more applications and online applications are as follows”:
  1. Remind-education start up connecting teachers with student s parents through a messaging app”
  2. Sprig-Mobile app to find and order health meals and have delivered them quickly,blue apron-provides all the ingredients in exactly right proportion to make a delicious meal ,handy which offers you on-demand handyman and house cleaning or health app which help s to save out large expenses on medicines or apps like E-guru or “hello English” which helps to you to learn english in an interactive way,so it would not be wrong to say” one click makes the trick”,thanks to start-ups which made these things possible.
  3. More to come...

Monday, March 9, 2015


when do we think about vip culture in india one thing suddenly comes in our mind how can i raise question against it ,because you are a common man you don't have a right to raise question against anything,many of us who are  in india saw a common man picture that that whole traffic is just stopped in order to pass vehicles of vip people, but how can you stop ambulances  in which someones life is at stake just because one vip car is passing if 

-In democracy every person is equal how can they more give importance to vip security than someone,s life,one more example i would like to share IS Rising VIP cultures in temples in india ,when do you visit any temple in today s time that some people are allowed to get special treatment in temples,god see all of us equal why some people who claim to be god messengers  give different treatment to common man or vip,It seems like with death of Rk laxman common-man is also dying in this country.