Saturday, August 1, 2015

11 Best Apps that made life easy

  •  Looking for a plumber,electricians:When we have a problem like a leakage,Wiring or when we have to make furniture we remind three most important people like plumber,electrician or carpenter in the past or even today when we have to find these people either we contact our friends or contact agencies to contact them which is very time consuming most important question comes in our mind “when they will come” but today online services aggreator like housejoy,taskbob or doormint not only has solved this problem, but they  send you a certified handyman in lesser time which also let you pick some one who speaks the same language you do.
  • ONE CLICK WHICH MAKES THE TRICK”:In today’s time transportation has become a huge problem especially when you don’t have your own vehicle “then only the option remains to depend on public transport like buses or other private vehicles like rickshaw or taxis,but when we have to  wait for buses for longer time especially when we have to reach office in time or to stand in ling queues to get taxis or rickshaw,this is very time consuming but online services like “ola cabs” which has proved a game changer in this problem,where you can just click and  get cab for your service at proper  fares,where we have drivers information on your mobile , these services also saves us heated arguments that we usually we have with the drivers regarding more fares.
  • GET THE HOUSE ONLINE:Any person when he moves from his own city to a new place the first thought which comes in his mind “where will he stay.what will be the rent,so many other questions comes in a queue which make our brain website with heavy load which is going to be crash any second”it is like a website with heavy discount which gets crash due to heavy load but today services like housing .com has changed the scenario which not provides flats information with rent,but also the different views of the house,your partners information whether is it professional or a student,second most important that we face is of brokers when we are looking for a house sometimes we have to give a huge commision to brokers or sometimes one month rent but the online services like No has solved this problem up to some extent which directly connected owner and the people looking for a house.which is helping people to save their hard earned money….
  • Setting up a new office then this is for you…
“In the past if we have to purchase accessories for new office,it was a big problem because we had to find out different stores for each of the accessories which was very time consuming and inconvenient but today online portals like has solved this problem from “where you can get all the accessories for our office  at one place”.
Buy vegetables online:today online services like whee you can buy vegetables by sitting at home ,this service is currently operating in Delhi.
  • APPS REVOLUTION:Like in human we use  the term Evolution” similarly in the online world evolution came in the form of applications(app),where  you just have to download app once and you can use that app anywhere ,anytime
  1. Few years before, if we use to get hungry we use to visit hundred of websites to check which offers home delivery or to find out their menus,but today app’s like food panda where you can check restaurant with their menus, prices and order and also track down the order which is very time saving
  • ” Just look at some more applications and online applications are as follows”:
  1. Remind-education start up connecting teachers with student s parents through a messaging app”
  2. Sprig-Mobile app to find and order health meals and have delivered them quickly,blue apron-provides all the ingredients in exactly right proportion to make a delicious meal ,handy which offers you on-demand handyman and house cleaning or health app which help s to save out large expenses on medicines or apps like E-guru or “hello English” which helps to you to learn english in an interactive way,so it would not be wrong to say” one click makes the trick”,thanks to start-ups which made these things possible.
  3. More to come...

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